Saturday, 11 June 2016


Good day, readers! Its me, Zee. Today, I'm going to give a very short explanation on both new media and traditional media. Media, in general can be described as communication device to deliver and store data or information. Media also can be used as a marketing strategy for entrepreneur. Media nowadays can be divided into two, traditional media and new media. Traditional media refers to conventional communication medium such as cable television, radio, yellow pages, newspapers, magazines, and other printed publications while new media refers to current and interactive communication medium that consist of the usage of internet and digital media such as online newspapers, websites, video games and social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Traditional media is basically a one-way communication medium and have been used for ages by the previous generation to pass information and as a source of entertainment. Traditional media are more likely used by the older generation since they are lack of knowledge in using the internet and the new media. New media is a two-way communication medium and preferred by generation Y since it is more updated and fast in spreading information